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Your Necklace Is An Exclamation Point!

Mel and Del Community Empowerment:

Working to create a network of women who support, work to uplift, and engage with other women through social media and beyond!

When we first started Mel and Del we knew we wanted to provide a platform for empowerment, but we were not sure where this would start and where we would take it from there. After a few months of testing the waters with several different projects and posts, we decided to create a friend feature day that we could include women who inspire us on a daily basis, in hopes that they would inspire others as well.

Wow did this take off! We have had 20 some friend features now who have inspired us and our followers, more than we could have imagined.

One girl boss in particular is someone who reached out to us a few months into this journey and wanted to send us some of her Jewelry she was making on the side. We had gone to Butler with her, but only had met a few times. We understood the side hustle life all too well, and knew right away that she was putting in long and hard hours to build a brand and business for herself.

Mel and Del Girl bosses

Erin Quigley is the founder and designer at Deca Design Co. We have come to know Erin over the last few months and not only love her jewelry, but her determined and high spirited personality as well! So what does Jewelry mean to the two of us?

Del Here: Growing up my Grandma and mom always had on beautiful jewelry pieces and it became our tradition to buy matching pieces for one another so we always had a piece of each other anywhere we went. When Erin first made us a pair of earrings and I began to wear them everywhere, my mom was obsessed. I now see her rocking several of Erin’s pieces and I smile knowing we are supporting a women owned business like this and looking amazing at the same time.

Mel and Del Girl Bosses

Mel Here: I’m not a big jewelry girl- mostly because I often forget it, so I love pieces that can go with anything and add a polished feel to my outfit. That being said once I pick out a necklace it stays with me (and on me) for a long time. I love wearing pieces that mean something to me. All of my favorite jewelry is meaningful! Either I bought it for myself at a turning point in my life or I was given it by someone who is special to me. The pieces Erin had made for us mean so much because they are part of Del and I’s story and our journey with this blog!. Not to mention Erin is freaking awesome and we are ALLL about supporting other ladies trying to grow their business. I wear my bracelets and necklace from her as a reminder that anything is possible as long as I’m willing to GO FOR IT.

Mel and Del Girl BossesMel and Del Girl Bosses

Erin hand makes unique and spunky pieces for you to show as your most confidence self! Michael Kor’s said it best “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a women’s outfit.” Let her pieces be the exclamation point after “YOU GOT THIS GIRL!”

Good Vibes & Happy Shopping,
Mel and Del

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