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We have a lot of cool friends doing really amazing things! Some are pursuing careers in athletics training, speech pathologists, education, corporate careers, etc. Some are also just trying to figure it out and experimenting with different careers. Everyone is out in the world doing something different and forging their own path. All these wonderful girl’s lives look different because there is NOT just one right way to find a passion in life.

date night outfitsdate night outfits

These girls have supported us throughout our lives and through this journey of starting Mel and Del. We want you all to get a peek into their lives and how awesome they are. Also to show that their are so many ladies out there just living life and achieving their goals which looks different for each of them! Supporting each other along our paths is so important. We can’t express enough how important supporting one another in all phases of life.  

Not to mention all these ladies have phenomenal style, so you will definitely see some serious style inspo.

So over the next few months you will see each of these awesome girls take over our instagram for the day! They will talk about their lives, show where they live, what they’re doing, and how they’re just out there living their best life!

date night outfits

We are super excited for this girls support girls campaign to begin! Make sure to check our Instagram weekly to see each one of these ladies!

Good vibes and girls supporting girls,

Mel and Del

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