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You’ve felt it. Felt the judgement, comparison, biases that comes along with being a woman. We’ve felt it too. The part that stinks is that we all have cast judgement on other women for doing something different with their lives. It can sometimes feel like we are living in a mean girl society and Regina George is telling us all to cut holes in our tank tops.  And cut holes in each other’s dreams. Why do we even let the unsupporting/ mean thoughts cross our mind in the first place?!

Del here: Maybe it’s because we grew up knowing it would be harder for a woman to succeed in certain professions, so we fight one another to get to the top. We fight to break that glass ceiling instead of being the stepping stones for one another to reach the top. What would happen if we began to lift one another up instead of criticizing one another?  Magic, girl, pure magic.

Good Vibe Tribe Girls Supporting GirlsGood Vibe Tribe Girls Supporting Girls

When we decided “hey we wanna start this blog” We pitched the idea to the people closest to us. Some reactions were incredibly supportive and loving and people offered ideas or opinions. Others made our stomach sink. We had someone that was a close family friend flat out say, “I don’t get it” and walked away from us. It sucked. Like WTF? We just spilled our dreams to you and you said “I don’t get it.”

Mel here: Clearly this was disheartening for both of us. But there are a few takeaways from this experience.

1. When people question you, you are on to something good. KEEP GOING GIRL. If someone says that they “don’t get it”- it means it hasn’t been done before. Don’t let this be a sticking point for you.
2. Typically poor reactions are reflections of the other person’s self-worth. Chances are that person is intimidated by your drive and want for success in your life. Ignore them!
3. When someone wants to share their dreams with you, be a sounding board full of love, not judgement. If you actually don’t understand someone’s idea- ask them questions. Then watch as they light up telling you alllll about it!

Good Vibe Tribe Girls Supporting GirlsGood Vibe Tribe Girls Supporting Girls

We live. We learn. We grow. We wanna flip the script from the cutting holes in tank tops moments to supporting the hell out of each other through the learning and growth moments! To start doing this, we gotta recognize the thoughts that are unsupportive to other people in our lives. We gotta stop thinking “why can’t I have that job? I’m better at it than her.”  To “I hope she is successful and I know there is something else out there for me!” We control those thoughts and we control how we can support other girls in their dreams!

Good vibes and girls supporting girls,

Mel and Del

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