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Friend Feature Recap #1 – Girls Supporting Girls



There has officially been three friends we have shared with you on the Instagram and now blog! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING ALONG SO FAR! We are really trying to showcase how badass these ladies are. Also we are trying to a build a community of girls. We feel by showcasing what a bunch of girls in our lives are doing then we will be able to show our support for them and their dreams!

When we started this we initially asked our girl bosses some questions. Honestly some of these made us tear up a bit and others made us laugh, so we just had to share them. Be expecting an awesome recap every three friend features we share on our Instagram! 


What are you reading right now?
Currently I am reading Chase the Lion. This book gives me CHILLS! I usually do not get motivated by these sorts of things, but Chase the Lion is a real winner! And would 100% recommend to ANYONE!
Most awkward moment?
My most awkward moment was when I accidentally peed in the spray tan bed. It was my first spray tan and I couldn’t remember all the positions and the machine was yelling at me. I got nervous, and peed.
What is your current go to outfit and why?
ANYTHING BRANDY! I love Brandy because it is so simple, casual and Cali. Totally comfy, cute and flirty!

Girls Supporting GirlsGirls Supporting Girls


What are you reading right now?
For the past few months, I have been reading nothing but biographies and autobiographies of musicians. It started with Scar Tissue by Anthony Keidis, then Life by Keith Richards, then physically everything I could find by Patti Smith, and now I’m reading Never a Dull Moment about the unbelievable amount of (amazing, life-changing, mind-altering) rock music created and performed in 1971, “the year rock exploded”. So far, so good.
Favorite tunes?
Well this is just impossible. But I’ll start with what I’m listening to lately – anything and everything from Tom Misch, Beatles’ Revolver album, Tame Impala’s Currents (also any piece of music Kevin Parker has ever created or produced), Yellow Days, All Things Must Pass by George Harrison (he would have been 75 this week, ouch, its fine, I’m fine, everything is fine), Live/Dead album from Grateful Dead, Anderson .Paak – but don’t worry, Jack’s Mannequin Everything in Transit still first in my heart always n forever.
What do you do in your free time?
I like to eat. A lot. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with any cooking capabilities whatsoever or a creative knack for recipes (like Mel) – but fortunately, I live in New York City with some of the best restaurants in the world so I’m not too upset about that. I spend my free time in coffee shops, restaurants in the village or book stores. I am lucky enough to have Strand bookstore around the corner from where I live (which has 17 plus miles of books) so I am always always reading or out looking for my next book.
What is your current go to outfit and why?
My go to is always 100% of the time jeans and a t-shirt. Thankfully I have been exposed to quality denim after working at Lexie for two years, so my supply of jeans is overwhelming but necessary for the amount that I wear them. I have a band tee collection that is frankly at this point embarrassing but I don’t see myself stopping the collection any time soon. Throw a pair of Vans or Doc Martens with it and its the full “me” look.

Girls Supporting GirlsGirls Supporting Girls


What does girls supporting girls look like to you?
To me, this means genuinely helping each other and supporting the wins no matter how big or small. In this crazy world especially as an influencer, it’s important to help each other where we can. It also means supporting community over competition.
What makes you super pumped and excited about life?
Current daily motivation! I get super pumped when I create great content that I know my audience will love. I get pumped when I have the ability to inspire my audience through something I am passionate about. I am motivated by my followers who constantly encourage me.
If you are having a shitty day, what do you do to cheer yourself up?
If I’m having a shitty day, I like to go to Shred, take a breath, binge watch Grey’s, eat gluten free cookies, or indulge in a bottle of Rhubarb wine from Mallow Run.

Girls Supporting Girls

Thank you all so much for following along. We really are pumped about being able to share the incredible ladies in our lives with you all! 

Good vibes and girls supporting girls,

Mel & Del

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