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25 Wisdoms For 25 Years

25 Years Young and 25 Things I’ve Learned! 

I’m a quarter of a century old now people! So naturally here is a list of 25 wisdoms from my heart to yours: 

  1. Surround yourself with great people. The older I get, the more I realize how important surrounding yourself with a supportive group people is.
  2. Embrace the changes: Life changes quite a bit. There are always going to be ups and downs. Find the good and let go of the bad. Embrace it all baby!
  3. Start taking care of you skin: THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! Your skin is your biggest organ- DON’T neglect it!
  4. Go to the dentist: Chances are your parents paid A LOT of money for braces and all of the other stuff they suggested for your teeth when you were younger. Don’t neglect your teeth now. Get an electric toothbrush and get to brushing! 
  5. Listen to your intuition. This has taken me 25 years to learn. If I’m in a situation that makes my stomach feel goofy, I listen to it.
  6. Think happy thoughts: Being pissed about something doesn’t help make it any better. Yes, this is something much easier said than done. Where your focus goes, energy flows. (I think that is a Tony Robbins’ quote)
  7. Take some risks: Moving out to Colorado was a risk. Going to new places, trying a new career and embracing the ups and downs. We are young and alive and have time to figure everything out!
  8. Be okay with being uncomfortable. 
  9. Love yourself: Quit the negative self talk. That isn’t going to help you accomplish any dreams.
  10. Be active: Activity always makes me feel better even when I don’t want to move off the couch.
  11. Learn to rest: Life is very busy, but don’t forget to take time to rejuvenate yourself!
  12. Be grateful: Even for the little things like a sunny day or getting a front row parking spot! It’s the little things that count! Also, be thankful for the lessons, the trials, and the shit times, because that’s when you’re growing!
  13. Don’t take it personal. Everything from the grumpy man at the coffee shop, the troll on instagram, or your friend that gives backhanded compliments. Typically this means those people are unhappy with themselves.
  14. Love yourself: Look yourself in the mirror and say ‘I FREAKING LOVE YOU!’ Really! I mean it.
  15. Buy a plant! This might sound silly, but turning into a crazy plant lady has been one of my favorite things. Those are my babies and I look forward to taking care of them. Plus plants are very aesthetically pleasing.
  16. Ditch the limiting beliefs! This means quit telling yourself a sad story that you made up. For me my story was that “I’ll only ever be able to make money being in finance.” While my full time job is in the financial sector, it isn’t the only way to make money! Del and I got our first paid sponsorship in June! How freaking exciting is that? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE PEOPLE!
  17. Learn to cope: We all know life gets stressful. My old coping mechanism was to silently cry in my bed and let my thoughts spiral out of control. Example: “I think I failed that test! I’m gonna fail college! I’ll never get a job! I’m gonna be homeless lady with a shopping cart full of cats and cardboard boxes!” Guys, I wish I was kidding when I’m saying this, but I’m not. Now when I get stressed in my head I say “Hey Mel, you’re stressed. It’s okay. Let’s meditate before we start having crazy, cat, homeless lady thoughts”
  18. Don’t wait: Done is better than perfect.
  19. LAUGH! And then laugh some more!
  20. Give out random compliments! I try to do this at least once a day. Tell the lady washing your hands next to you in the bathroom that you like her necklace! Maybe she will tell you a cool story about how she got it in Europe while she was touring with a rock band! You never know what kind words will lead to.
  21. Love yourself: Even those parts that you’re self conscious about. Even those parts that you don’t wanna face. Even that parts that make you mad. If you just embrace those parts they aren’t so scary. It’s okay to want to evolve and make yourself better, but do it because you love yourself! Not because you will love yourself when the imperfect parts aren’t there. (There will always be imperfect parts! YOU ARE A HUMAN!)
  22. Set money aside:Plan for your future! Put that money away in a 401k! Even if it’s just a little! I promise it will pay big time when you’re old and saggy!
  23. Dance Party! I get this from my mom! There really is nothing like turning up your favorite tunes and shaking your boootay! I bet you can’t not smile while dancing to your favorite song! Instant mood booster friends. 
  24. Don’t give up. Good things don’t come to those who wait, they come to those who work hard and are consistent.
  25. I have already said this a few times… but LOVE YOURSELF! 

So that’s my 25 wisdoms for the past 25 years! 
Good vibes & love yourself, 


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